It's the only way to....

Carry Heaps™!

Farm Bike / ATV one-wheeled trailer


Ever find yourself loading up your farmbike on the way to do a job and wondering if your tools are still going to be with you when you get there?

Darryl did. So he invented Carry Heaps, a revolutionary new single-wheeled trailer for use with ATV's and Farming Bikes.

Then Darryl took on every challenge he could find to test Carry Heaps in the East Coast Wairarapa hill country. It's taken him 2 years, but now he's sure there's nothing you can throw at it that he hasn't tried already.



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  • Easy to back - does not jack-knife.
  • Quick to attach and remove via towbar coupling & frame stabilisers.
  • Load carried by the trailer, not the bike.
  • Low platform height.
  • Lightweight and robust.
  • Fits most bikes.
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